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Since 2014

Our Clients

We have worked on a variety of projects from start-up company crowdfunding videos to large-scale campaign commercials, corporate communication videos to nationally broadcast television programs, and everything in between. We’ve won awards and we’ve created original content seen by millions of people. The core of our business is to serve our clients with the utmost integrity. We’re attentive, we’re honest, and we work hard.

Our Services

Social Media Consulting

In today’s digital landscape great video content is important but a strong distribution plan is equally essential. Contact us for a consultation today and let us walk you through the creative decisions, production options, and marketing strategies you should consider when structuring your next big video project.

Production Services

Lights, Camera, Action. During this phase, some people you may need to hire are a director, a camera operator and/or director of photography, and a sound operator. Larger productions will need grips, set design, wardrobe, makeup artists, the models and actors you cast in pre-production, a location manager, and food for everyone on set.

Pre-Production Services

Everything that goes on before the camera rolls. Ideation, writing, script development, proofreading, translation, storyboarding, location scouting, and casting are all done during this phase. Larger productions will hire a set designer and a costume designer to create the look you want to portray.

Post-Production Services

It's not over once production wraps. The post-production phase includes things like data management, editing, VFX/CG, music licensing or creation, sound design, voiceover, mixing, and delivery.

Video Examples


You don’t always need a big-scale production.   We’ll make sure that you’ll look and sound great, just as you are.

Eye-Catching Visuals

Need more?  Graphical flourishes, set design, and wardrobe and makeup stylists give your video a professional sheen.

Set the Tone

So your product is out of this world and you want your video to match.  Let the team at Core-A Studios create an original story to help tell yours.

Core-A Gaming

In the top 1% of all YouTube channels based on numbers of subscriptions, Core-A Gaming creates informative video essays based on fighting games.

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